Superstar Office DJ

Superstar Office DJ? Entertainer? Tosser?

I have been called all of these things ... mainly by my mum ... because at 23 years old, I still live at home.

The one and only Superstar Office DJ. Both notoriously super and a star with DJ equipment especially located in and around an office.

An Office DJ Who is a Superstar

You may be thinking to yourself, "Why is this website so plain?". But let me tell you; when you're a superstar office DJ, like me, then you don't need to worry about all that nonsense. You're skill and superstar ability with DJ equipment in offices is more than enough to paint a vibrant emotional portrait of your soul.

Superstar Office Magician Too

That's right, in between office DJ sets and during too I also have the ability to wow crowds with amazing magic tricks*. I don't just settle for being a superstar office DJ, I'm a superstar office Magician too!

*These were purchased from ToysRUs Ipswich